Grubs Frostline Ladies Neoprene Violet Wide Fitting

Code: BA1054

Grubs Frostline Neoprene Boots in Violet - Wide Fitting

The Grubs Frostline Wellington Boot is a great general activity wellington boot providing waterproof & insulated features. The Grubs Frostline Wellington boot is an insulated boot, suitable to sustained periods in temperatures down to -20 degrees centigrade.The Grubs Frostline Wellington boot has a TRAX sole pattern. The frostline's also have small lugs front & rear to provide good 'push off' grip and a prominent heel for 'braking' grip. The Grubs Frostline foot bed has a 6mm Nitrocell providing both insulation & cushioning. The Grubs Frostline's uppers are manufactured from a composite of moisture wicking knit inner liner. Grubs frostline have a 5mm thick layer of insulating Chloroprene and an outer layer of tough texturised nylon (similar to a neoprene wet suit). The Grubs Frostline foot and lower calf areas then have a 2mm thick layer of tough rubber applied. This provides protection against damage by brambles etc. The Grubs Frostline Wellington boot has a 5.0 rating, meaning it is suitable for sustained periods in temperatures from -10 to + 30 deg centigrade - See more at: